Ship Maintenance Planning Software

The ship maintenance software was written specifically for three reefers belonging to Celtic Marine, which were used by Fyffes to import bananas. 

Fyffes merged with Geest Bananas in 2001 and the ships were subsequently sold to a Portuguese company as the Geest ships, being larger, were more profitable at that time.

The Ship Management System has therefore not been used for several years. This multi-user system provided all three ships with their planned maintenance schedules, maintained a list of ships documents and alsoprovided a document overview system which allowed word documents and excelspread sheets to be displayed in a windows explorer type environment. 

The system also allowed part plans to be scanned and stored to aid repair and data storage. The database also maintained stock control data to allow reordering of parts when the ships docked.

If you are interested, the software can be modified for your needs. You will only be charged for theprogramming time required to make the modifications which would allow youto design a system specifically for your needs.

If you would like to try this software, please use the contact page to send us an e-mail and we will reply with details of how to install and use it.

Download the Ship
Maintenance Planning Software