Eco Watch Video Surveillance

Eco Watch provides a unique link to up-to-date and archived wildlife images from across the UK and around the world. From their site; you can view video and still images created by users of their software. 

InterVations provides Eco-Watch with video surveillance software allowing these images to be captured and stored on disk in either AVI or SVS file formats. AVI file format will allow any windows media player to view the video. SVS file format is an InterVations file format, allowing each frame to be time stamped and searched for extremely quickly.

The viewer software allows playback of currently captured and stored images, which can be played back in a window or in full screen on your PC. Video can be searched for using video button type controls, including frame step and time stamp searching facilities. 

Other facilities, such as zooming and motion detection are also provided. The software currently uses the video for windows interface and should work with most capture / overlay cards on a reasonably spec-ed PC. Individual frames can easily be copied from the viewer and pasted into your favorite graphics application. 

Currently the following video cards are supported by the software:
Philips USB web cameras. 
Hauppauge Win TV cards 
Miro Capture cards from Pinnacle systems 
Other video capture cards should work, and as we test them we will increase our supported list.

The frame rates and compression quality may be varied and are dependant on the hardware you are using. For best quality and fastest frame rates we would recommend the Miro Capture card range from Pinnacle systems.

Download the Eco-Watch Video Surveillance System

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