InterVations Directors

Simon Craythorn & Martin A. Craythorn


Company Formation

InterVations was founded during 1997 by Andrew Ware and Simon Craythorn. Andrew Ware and Simon Craythorn have extensive knowledge of the computer industry and have been developing computer software for over 25 years. Both became involved with the computer industry when the first microcomputers became available. To write applications for these machines, the programmers had to teach themselves not only to write software in high level languages, but to improve software performance, low level machine code also. 


After graduating, Andrew Ware and Simon Craythorn met for the first time writing software for a Torquay based company. While employed by this company both programmers serviced all the large contracts including one for an American based charity in Massachusetts, where Andrew Ware spent two years.

Over the next 10 years the programmers wrote software for manufacturing production lines, off the shelf software for microcomputers, various vertical market systems, large charities and non profit making organizations.